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‘World’s largest electric cruise ship’ makes maiden voyage in China, Trending News

According to Chinese officials, the world’s largest electric cruise ship Yangtze River Three Gorges 1 made its maiden voyage in Yichang, Hubei on Tuesday.

China’s state-run Global Times had reported earlier that the ship has the largest battery capacity and is powered by a 7500 KWH marine power battery which is equivalent to the battery capacity of over a hundred electric vehicles.


The ship had conducted trials in January and had returned to its home port in Yichang in central China’s Hubei province. The ship which achieved “zero emissions” is powered by clean hydropower generated by the Three Gorges Dam, the Chinese daily reported as the country tries to tap into clean energy and green transportation.

It is reportedly being used as a sightseeing tour extravaganza in the Yangtze River. It is 100 meters long and over 16 meters wide and can carry 1,300 passengers.

The massive cruise liner has been manufactured by the Yangtze power company under China Three Gorges Corporation and the Hubei Yichang transportation group and supported by the Chinese government.

The ship can reportedly travel 100 kilometers on a single charge. It has reportedly been built with an investment of $23.5 million and causes zero pollution while ensuring “low noise and low vibration” compared to diesel engines.

The ship has an automatic control system and intelligent power management system as China attempts to build a “low-carbon future” amid high pollution levels.

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