On-site parking at Sea-Tac Airport full due to spring break travel

On-site parking at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport filled up on Wednesday afternoon due to spring break travel.

Officials are recommending alternative ways to arrive at the airport, warning that parking areas at off-site facilities are also very busy or already full.

Parking is congested with more passengers choosing to drive their own vehicles instead of taking transit or a ride share, according to Sea-Tac. Parking has also been reduced due to a garage improvement project and a recent fire, the airport said.

According to Sea-Tac, spring break travel volumes are projected to be at 80% to 85% of pre-pandemic levels in 2019. Thursday and Friday are expected to be the busiest days, with up to 145,000 passengers traveling through the airport each day , the airport said. Daily passenger numbers were as high as 160,000 in the spring of 2019.

Sea-Tac forecasts that passenger numbers in 2022 will be about 6% below 2019 levels, with nearly full recovery expected in 2023.

“It may have been a while since your last flight through the airport, but don’t underestimate how long your experience may take during peak travel periods,” Sea-Tac said in a recent news release.

Other ways to get to the airport include:

  • Taking Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail
  • Getting a ride with a friend, taxi or ride share app
  • For the daring, bike racks are located around the airport
  • Take a rental car back to the off-site rental facility, then take a shuttle bus to the terminal
  • If you are dropping off or picking up someone, use the cell phone lot instead of risking a citation from police for parking on the shoulder

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