New Google Maps widget shows live traffic updates from your home screen

What you need to know

  • Your Android home screen is getting a new widget.
  • The Google Maps nearby traffic widget helps you check gridlocks right on the home screen.
  • It is an interactive widget that lets you tap to zoom in/out.
  • Users can get the feature with an app update in the coming weeks.

Google Maps is getting a new widget for the Android home screen in the coming weeks, the search giant has confirmed in a blog post. Like other helpful widgets that give you a glanceable view of an app’s content, Google Maps’ new widget showcases nearby traffic.

The upcoming widget is a conventional-looking square tile that displays real-time traffic at your current location. The widget allows you to track traffic at a glance instead of users opening the entire app. Google suggests it can be handy if you’re commuting to work, school, home, or anywhere else, for that matter.

Google Maps Widget

(Image credit: Google)

Users will also be able to interact with the tile, zooming in and out thanks to the toggle in the corner. That said, while the blog post hints at a square-esque tile, it is unclear whether it is resizable like other Android widgets.

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