Couple forced to take non-refundable vacation together after break up

A woman has revealed how she went on a non-refundable vacation with her ex-boyfriend shortly after their breakup.

In a recent video posted to TikTok, @sadgirlhours3344 noted that before she and her boyfriend broke up, they had planned a trip together. However, regardless of their split, she said that they still decided to follow through with their travel plans.

The text over her video reads: “When you break up, but the trip was non-refundable,” as her caption reads, “two week vaca!!!!!”

The woman could be seen filming herself and her ex-boyfriend next to each other, as they had two glasses in their hands. She then filmed the ocean that was in front of her.

She also said in the comments that, throughout her trip, she “kept telling [herself] that [she] wasn’t gonna let a guy ruin [her] vacation”.

As of 14 June, the video has more than 12.3m views, with TikTok users in the comments expressing how they’ve been in similar situations as @sadgirlhours3344.

“This was almost me and bf on our cruise but then got back together and then got pregnant so still couldn’t go lmao,” one wrote.

“Literally this happened, but I took a friend in his place. She was happy that she got to go for free,” another said.

A third user added: “I’ve learned from experience not to book vacations with boyfriends too far in advance. Going to Universal at the end of this month.”

Other people said that going on trips with their former partners had brought them closer together, one of which wrote: “This is how me and my boyfriend got back together, it’s usually a good thing lol.”

The TikToker has continued to post follow-up videos, responding to some of the comments on her viral clip. First, she went on to note, in a video, that she and her ex-boyfriend of her did not get back together after the trip.

She later added: “October planning brings May trauma”.

This isn’t the first time a woman has shared her story about traveling with an ex-partner. Last March, Lydia Bird documented her trip to the Dominican Republic with her ex-boyfriend on TikTok.

“Pov, you and your ex bought a non-refundable, international spring break trip,” she wrote over the text of the video, as the former couple could be seen walking through the airport.

Speaking to The Independent, @sadgirlhours3344 said that she and her ex-boyfriend had a great time on the trip, as they’ve continued to do different things together as close friends.

“We were both super excited to see new places together as friends!,” she said. “We are a huge part of each other’s lives so I can’t imagine life without him and glad I got to experience seeing new, beautiful places with him by my side!”

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