Researchers Made Ultracold Quantum Bubbles on the Space Station

In March 2018, researchers launched what looks like a white, cooler-sized fridge to the International Space Station. That heavy box houses a $100 million facility known as the Cold Atom Laboratory, which enables an array of atomic physics experiments to be done at freezing temperatures in the zero-g of space. With those unique conditions, scientists … Read more

Homebrew Radio Telescope Bags Pulsar

When one mulls the possibility of detecting pulsars, to the degree that one does, thoughts turn to large dish antennas and rack upon rack of sensitive receivers, filters, and digital signal processors. But there’s more than one way to catch the regular radio bursts from these celestial beacons, and if you know what you’re doing, … Read more

Boeing capsule lands back on Earth after space shakedown

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Boeing’s crew taxi returned to Earth from the International Space Station on Wednesday, completing a repeat test flight before NASA astronauts climb aboard. It was a quick trip back: The Starliner capsule parachuted into the New Mexico desert just four hours after leaving the orbiting lab, with airbags attached to … Read more

NASA’s InSight Lander Takes One Last Dusty Selfie Before It Shuts Down for Good

One of NASA’s Mars robots has taken one last selfie as it powers down for good. The agency released a photo of the InSight lander covered in red Martian dust on Monday, along with an announcement that the robot’s arms will soon be placed in a “retirement pose” as it begins to shut down operations … Read more

Chemical clues reveal dinosaur metabolism

Schematic drawing of a subset of the animals that were investigated as part of the study. Metabolic rates and resulting thermophysiological strategies are color-coded, orange hues characterize high metabolic rates coinciding with warm-bloodedness, and blue hues characterize low-metabolic rates coinciding with cold-bloodedness. From left to right: Plesiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Diplodocus, Allosaurus, Calypte (modern hummingbird). Credit: J. … Read more

Tau Herculids meteor shower could unleash 1,000 shooting stars per hour

Placeholder while article actions load Astronomers are reporting that there’s a chance that a “meteor storm” could occur next Monday night. It probably won’t happen, but if it does, the display could be absolutely otherworldly. The forthcoming Tau Herculid meteor shower ordinarily results in just a trickle of shooting stars between mid-May and mid-June, but … Read more

Man Regrets Ignoring Long Distance Call From Space

The ISS is a research platform born from a foreign policy initiative to improve US-Russian relations Most people are used to not answering calls from unknown numbers but user EmpatheticApatheist on social media site Reddit is highly regretting his decision to not pick up a call he was getting from space. Posting on the TIFU … Read more

Being Starliner returns to Earth

Placeholder while article actions load Boeing’s Starliner space capsule landed in the New Mexico desert Wednesday, completing a six-day mission in which it finally reached the International Space Station and that could lead to flights with astronauts. The capsule, without any crew on board, touched down as scheduled at 6:49 pm Eastern time at the … Read more